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This site collects and processes personal data from its visitors.
Individual Information Utilizing the site doesn't necessitate a user account or registration form. Visitors can send inquiries, comments, and suggestions to or call the phone numbers provided on the website's contact us section, located at In these instances, the site will process the following data:
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The site does not undertake verification or validation of the accuracy or relevance of the personal information submitted by users.
Log Files The site adheres to a standard protocol for maintaining log files that contain information about the activities of site visitors. These details encompass:
  • The exact date, time, and purpose of the visit
  • The user's computer IP address, browser type, referrer, login and exit pages, and other data
This data does not identify any specific individual.
Data from Cookies Similar to many other websites, we employ cookies. When you visit a site, your browser stores unique text files. No cookies compromising your computer's security or personal data are used. Cookies serve to enhance user experience on the site by allowing language and time zone preferences to be selected according to your location.
Links to Other Websites This Policy solely pertains to the website and doesn't extend to third-party websites connected to the website.
Third-party sites might collect additional information following their respective terms and conditions.
Necessity of Collecting Personal User Information The site retains only the essential personal information required to establish emergency contact with the user.
Personal information might be employed for the following purposes: enhancing site quality and user behavior, analyzing user preferences, and improving the site in various ways.
Third-party Information Disclosure The / website refrains from disclosing personally identifiable information to external parties. The site deploys all available technical resources to safeguard personal data appropriately.
This Privacy Statement could be updated periodically. The Site reserves the right to modify it without users' consent.
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Cookies Policy During your visit to our site, small text files or cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. A cookie generally contains information about its originating site, the cookie's expiration date, and a randomly generated unique number.
Benefits of Using Cookies We utilize cookies to enhance site usability, tailor products to user interests and needs, and gather anonymous aggregate data for understanding visitor interactions and improving site structure and content.
Cookies Types Two types of cookies are employed on our website: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporarily stored during visits, while persistent cookies remain until manually deleted.
Third-party Cookies Certain service providers may place cookies on users' devices when they visit our site to deliver their services.
Cookie Management Options Although most browsers accept cookies by default, settings can be adjusted to prevent delivery or receive notifications. Users can refuse, accept, or delete cookies via browser settings.
Keep in mind, rejecting or deleting cookies might impact site functionality. If using multiple devices, configure each browser to match cookie preferences.
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