Exness - demo trading account
For any new trader, whose path is just at the very beginning, the main stopping factor is the lack of experience with the trading platform, and fear of accidentally losses,mistakes, made just due to not enough basic real trading practice.
It’s great to learn theory and read about best trading strategies, But nothing can replace the real trading experience, your own personal knowledge of the platform and it’s tools. The only way to get your essential reading skills to the suitable level - is practice.
And this is when exness demo account comes in.
Exness trading platform constantly works on usability, To offer the best trading experience, whether it be exness pakistan market, or exness global.
Exness totally understands the value of propper practice in trading. So, when trading on demo account you get all the same instruments as if you were trading on real one. Access all the tools exness trading platform can offer: web terminal, pc app, android or ios apps, and of course, metatrader 4 and metatrader 5. When using exness demo, you trade on the real market, using real analysis tools, real indicators, real options, currency pairs and stocks. Just with the virtual money instead of real ones. You’re getting the true experience on exness trading platform, but with the only difference, it’s Risk-Free.
Demo account is created, for you to learn the basics and to improve your trading skills mainly. It is the same as real experience technically and objectively, But the demo can’t learn you to handle the stress, which always a part of trading and financial markets in general, because the demo takes off the risk completely. So you will not get the same experience in every way as with a real money account.With the demo you can have your acquaintance with the platform, check your theories in practice, but it won’t let you feel the experience of the real financial decisions. While working on demo account - always try to trade as if you’re using your own, hard-earned money, to maximize the quality of knowledge and skills you're getting from the demo.
You can test all the strategies you’ve read about, and how they work or not, without the fear of loss. This is how any person, even one being first time on the platform, and trading in general, can gain the experience, learn some trading decision making, And after that, when a person have enough confidence - start trading with real money, being prepared for typical trading situations.
After your completed the sign up process, and got to your personal area, you can choose if you want to trade on real account or the demo account, When entering the demo section - exness provides you with 10 000 virtual dollars to workaround with.
You can see the detailed information about the signing up process here:
Things to remember when using the Exness Demo Account
Your demo account will stop working if you don’t login on the platform for a long time. 21 idle days for Metatrader 5 and 180 days for Metatrader 5.Please, look after your demo account with care, it can not be restored after being deleted. This actions are made in order to reduce the unnecessary loads on the platform servers. Just log into your account and go to demo section , to let exness know, that your account is still in use, and there will be no problems.
The Exness demo account is a powerful tool that empowers traders worldwide to embark on their trading journey with confidence and competence. By offering a risk-free environment, real-time market conditions, and the freedom to practice without limitations, Exness has become a reliable choice for traders of all levels. So, if you are looking to sharpen your trading skills or explore the world of forex trading without taking on any risks, the Exness demo account is undoubtedly the perfect place to start. Register for an account today and unlock your trading potential with Exness. Happy trading!